Coolidge Reservation Excursion


One of the nice benefits of living on the north shore near Boston is the rich history that seems like it is right off my doorstep. The Coolidge Reservation is one of those great half-day trips that is only minutes down the road so me and Karen decided to check it out a few weekends back. 

Now conservation land the Coolidge Reservation was once the estate of Coolidge family and back in the 1900s there was a huge Georgian-style mansion on the grounds. Unfortunately the mansion is long gone but the outline of the foundation remains. One thing to note if you are planning to make the trip; parking is quite a ways away (about a 15 minute walk) from the main attraction of the "Ocean Lawn" so plan accordingly!

As you might expect....I did bring my 7D and got some nice shots. The day was partially overcast so lighting was pretty uniform making some of the photos somewhat less constrasty than I would have liked. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the trip and the shots I did get were decent enough to post here ;-)