5 Snapseed Presets - Architecture Volume 1

Volume 2 of my free Architecture Snapseed presets is now up!

It’s no secret that Google’s Snapseed (iPhone | Android) is my favorite image editing app for smartphone photography. Ease of use, quality of the output, and of course, the amazing ability to save stacks of image edits as custom presets, all add up to one of the most essential apps out there for photographers.

I’ve been creating my own presets for a while now, strictly for my own personal use but did not see much value in sharing them until a friend convinced me it would be worth the effort. Sharing filters / presets in Snapseed is totally unlike how the process works for typical image editing software such as Lightroom CC. There is no physical file to download, just a QR code that contains a list of the edits you made to an image. Once another user imports the list of edits via the QR code they can then save those same changes back to their own local preset. Simple, but not very intuitive for those users who are used to the older file-based process.

So why are Snapseed presets so awesome?

Beyond the fact that they can be shared, presets for Snapseed also work especially well because they only include edits that effect the entire image. Good example is when you perform a bunch of edits, then you crop, and then do some more edits. The crop edit/step is dropped from the final preset so others who might use it won’t have their images unexpectedly cropped! Another aspect of using custom presets is how you can tweak them for various lighting conditions to get similar results. I typically do this in order to have the same feel across architectural images that might have been taken on both sunny and cloudy days.

Architecture — Volume 1

So my first set of Snapseed presets are tailored specifically for architecture photos taken on the iPhone. It’s very likely they will work just fine on images created on other smartphone platforms and cameras (I even included one example from my Fujifilm X-T20 as proof of this, ARCH-A-05 below). Over the last several years I have created about 25–30 high-quality Snapseed presets that I might share but for now I’m going to start off with just five and see how it goes.


I hope you all find these genuinely useful! I’m not sure exactly why, but I don’t see a whole lot of smartphone photographers sharing these so please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Quick Tip! — Easiest way to use the above presets is to read the QR codes right from within Snapseed off your desktop or laptop monitor.

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