When Medium IS the message.

I've always had a thing for writing but lately I've been horrible at keeping this blog updated. It's not that I don't have something to say, it's more of an issue of simply not wanting to promote posts and work on search engine optimizations. To be honest, building a blog in 2018 is damn hard and it requires consistent effort that I just don't have the time for right now. And like I said, the work it requires extends far beyond just the writing itself. Years ago when I first started blogging the rewards were well known and there was a clear path to achieving some measure of success. Now, I'm not entirely clear on what can be realistically achieved through blogging on my own site. However, I do feel quite strongly that it's worth having a voice on topics I care deeply about so I have decided to continue my writing, just not on this blog. 

Being involved in various machine learning work I stumbled across Medium.com some time ago as a source for great writing related to various machine learning topics. Now I find I really enjoy reading about all kinds of things on Medium. The platform has really grown in the last year or so and is full of amazing writing on just about every topic you can imagine. But by far the biggest advantage of Medium.com is the ability to get exposure for your work. They actively support and market good writers which I find extremely encouraging. Support even includes making posts available through their members-only program where you can earn money for your writing, something that's just amazing given the typical blogging environment where everyone expects you to provide content for free. 

So going forward, I will be posting my thoughts on https://medium.com/@robert.rittmuller and I hope you will join the community of wonderful writers there.